Product Update
October 16, 2023

Action Items, Interview Summaries, and Notes

Your research process is building toward action. New features help you get there with more clarity, so you can look like a hero.

Action Items

Synthesis across your data to answer the question, “what next?” View pieces of your transcript associated with each suggested item, all on one page. It’s never been easier to balance a strategic vision with granular references to data.

Interview Summaries

Never miss a beat with new interview summaries–we know you’re often revisiting transcripts to get the gist of what happened in each call. Automated summaries make it easier to recontextualize yourself in the work, no matter how long it’s been since that call. 😉


Capture your thinking as you move through your process with in-platform note taking. Scratch down ideas so you never have to wonder, “where did I write that?”

Access your note panel across the whole app to organize ideas before you’re ready to share out. Always side-by-side with your data.

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Action Items, Interview Summaries, and Notes


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