Product Update
September 18, 2023

Transcription Improvements, Enhanced Video Scrubbing, and More

We’ve made some updates to truly come alongside your existing user research process–we’ve been hard at work to deliver features that work with you, as well as a few to make video playback a breeze.

Transcribe one or more files at a time, pre-synthesis

We heard you–it can be valuable to transcribe files as you continue to host conversations. Our new update enables transcription of single files–with all of the same elegant highlighting and clipping functionality you’ve come to expect in CoNote.

Choose to transcribe a single file or several at once. Come back to synthesize when you’re ready.

Video Playback

Speaking of playback, we’ve made it even easier to work through video content. Rewind, fast forward, and scrub through video, all with timestamps, side by side with your transcript data.

It’s not a dream, it’s CoNote.

Pricing Toggle

Transparency is important to us. View the credits to transcribe and synthesize your files seamlessly with the pricing toggle.

Choose what’s right for your process–with five free initial credits, you are free to explore the power of our AI.

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Transcription Improvements, Enhanced Video Scrubbing, and More


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