Product Update
August 22, 2023

Upload Audio Files, Generate Summaries, and more

We’ve been gathering feedback, finding insights (using CoNote of course 😁), and we’re excited to announce new features! These include both quality of life and those frequently asked for by you.

Upload Audio Files

You asked and we listened. You can now upload MP3s & M4As, in addition to MP4s. Video and audio files? You can also upload and process multiple file types at once in the same project.

Missing a file type? Let us know what you want here.

Automated Project Summary

CoNote now auto generates a summary of your uploaded files, saving you even more time.

You will also now see a summary of your themes directly on the Project page.

Total Time & Credits Calculator

Quickly add up how many credits you need to transcribe and synthesize your files in a project.

Project Details Autosave Functionality

Yeah. Manually saving after every change was annoying us, too. Your project autosaves now after any edit and uploaded video.

Have ideas, feedback, or want to have a chat?

Send us a message by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right corner and we’ll get back to you.

Upload Audio Files, Generate Summaries, and more


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