Getting Started

Set Up Your Profile

Follow this guide to update your profile and information.

To create your account:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner to open the Profile & Visibility tab.
  2. Let your team know who they’re dealing with- hit the Upload New Photo button to customize your profile photo.
  3. Add your name, email, and optional title. You can always come back and update this information later.

Change password

  1. From the Profile & Visibility tab, scroll to the bottom and hit Set a new password.
  2. Enter your account email address and CoNote will send you an email with instructions to change your password.
  3. Click the link in your email and update your credentials.
  4. Please note, if you are logged in with Google, you can only update those settings via Google.

Build a project

Your project list will be your home base within CoNote. Access it anytime by hitting the blue CoNote button or projects button in the top left corner.

Start a new project

  1. You can get started using the New Project button in the top right corner, or using the + New Project button in the bottom left.
  2. From here, you’ll be whisked into the Project Details page, where you can add information about your project.
  3. Upload your data- Import Zoom cloud recordings, Integrate Google Drive, or Import Local Files.
  4. You can access, duplicate, archive and delete your projects from the project details page, too. Learn how in Manage Projects

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